Does AVG XP Pro Defend My Computer?

AVG antivirus security software PRO is usually an online cover program developed by the AVG company. Installing of this free demo of AVG Antivirus was an easy take. After accessing the application by Google Perform the application asked for an email solve. I just approved the invitation and clicked the link in the verification email and was on my way. The program mounted and I was ready to shield my laptop.

As a devoted Internet customer, I thought the AVG anti virus application would be just like the other malware tools. However , after assembly I was disappointed because AVG had not designed the security belonging to the PC in a secure manner. I had anticipated the same features as additional virus safeguard programs. For example , all the anti-virus software is mounted in the same folder. It means that it has the chance of getting confused and may take away certain data files from your computer which may affect your computer’s performance. I was also anticipating that AVG may have taken steps to ensure that my computer’s computer registry is certainly not affected.

The AVG XP Pro did not possibly take enough time to scan my personal computer. I was surprised to determine that the anti virus tool would still be running in the setting even though my laptop was switched off. After some time My spouse and i checked the logs and saw that there were not any entries inside the system file of the anti virus program.

AVG XP Pro, at the beginning, presented a free upgrade option. I believed that this will help take care of me against viruses. Nevertheless , the offer was gap when the program themselves became incorrect and the upgrade program stopped working. After I tried to upgrade the item my system crashed.

I tried to run the AVG XP OR 7 Pro however it showed a mistake message requesting me to upgrade this software. I clicked on the “refresh” button and nothing happened. We tried to operate the program once again but got an error communication saying that the anti computer virus program would have to be reinstalled. plus the anti-virus program did not uninstall, even after I rebooted my computer system. At the end I put to buy a second product.

We downloaded a paid variant of the computer software but the same thing happened once again. The program would definitely show an error message asking for me to upgrade this software. I downloaded the paid version once again but again this software did not operate.

I attempted to upgrade the on xp pro and got the same problem message. When I had the process of searching for and setting up the new merchandise, I was surprised to find that the program had not been installed. Once i tried to operate the product, the program failed to detect my computer system. After the means of downloading the product I was surprised to find the system has not been working. As i restarted my own computer, the screen was even now showing the error sales message and I were required to go through the same procedure.

At this point, I decided to use a paid anti-virus program to defend my computer system. I found out that product i had set up was actually a fake anti virus program. the software was offered only on the search engines Play. Even though it was no cost, the program will not protect my personal computer properly.

After receiving the paid ant-virus product, I had been amazed to find that my computer was still displaying the mistake message about av xp or 7 pro not really running. After cleaning my computer and re-installing the anti-virus application, I was amazed to find that my pc was still exhibiting the subject matter. I decided to remove the anti anti-virus program coming from my laptop and started out the upgrade process. once again I found out that the program was no much longer working.

I used the paid anti-virus program but still had precisely the same problem. It seemed that AVG XP Pro is not able to install the virus safety. after hoping every possible choice get rid of the program. Even after ordering another item, I was still unable to clean my computer and protect that from viruses.

After reading many ratings and chats with other users, as if the anti virus software that can be found for down load from Yahoo Play is certainly not powerful. even after having spent some huge cash on selecting it.

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