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This is a very good course for those students who want to study java from the very beginning. Assignments and quiz system is also very efficient in understanding and applying the learned concepts.

As blueJ is very basic, it is not intricate enough to perform complex and time consuming tasks. I does not have the facilitys that other java IDs provide when structuring and importing class/methods. This can’t be used to write series programs as the features are too basic.

I have been in the industry for almost 3 years and have worked on dozens of polished code editors but this masterpiece is the champion of them all. This is not just a code editor, this can be a very very efficient tool in your understanding of Java Language. It graphically shows you what is there in your project using different graphical terminologies. You can see the inherited classes, the interfaces, enums Spotify and the connection between various classes. BlueJ is designed to put the imaginary things on the IDE Dashboard.

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  • It’s a very powerful and universally accepted language.
  • It is also used for Big Data applications, where the JVM allows for the use of other languages in the ecosystem.
  • Its dominant use is in writing business applications, but also for developing tools, particularly those that deal with databases and data.
  • Less suited for cloud and more suited for in-house development.

I have written many Java codes (even If I don’t compile) just because I get the proper syntax highlighting I want and proper indentation which makes our program look clean and sleek. It provides a good looking and minimalistic experience of an IDE in Java Language. Other IDE’s require you to download the compiler separately and configure it. The code and syntax highlighting is best and is enabled by default. We can change the theming and font size, style, color according to our needs.

It is a great option if you are a student programmer or a teacher, and also for beginners. I had started using BlueJ way back 6 years ago when I wrote my 1st program. Be it any code in Java I always prefer to use BlueJ because of it’s awesome syntax highlighting and error correction techniques that are present.

Now, as I look back, I think it was a smart choice – especially for the graphical representations of classes – it gets you to understand much easier the whole idea of OOP. BlueJ is simply a learning stage, and it needs numerous instruments you have to truly build up the product. I utilized it a great deal when I began figuring out how to program, however once I truly needed to do my product, I changed to Eclipse.

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