Padma (Scholar 2018-21)

Lifting communities from darkness to light…

“I come from Skurbuchan…. one of the remotest villages in Leh Ladakh. With Rugged Mountains around and a thick sheet of ice that extends endlessly, the development in this place is frozen in time. Lack of connectivity makes the place isolated from the rest of the world. Reaching the schools is a risky adventure just like surviving the harsh winters amidst extreme poverty. In an environment where economic hardships and poor transportation resulted in drop-outs, I persevered. Life has been tough for many girls but I knew that if we persevere, we would one day with our love and compassion lift the communities from darkness to light.  Today, technology is light. It enables us at attempting different ways of doing things and provides great solutions for most complex problems facing humanity. After completing my higher education in Computer Sciences, I will educate people in the remotest parts of the country, make technology accessible for everyone and lift the communities from darkness to light. Thank You Sashakt for helping me take the first big step towards building a nation where no one is left behind the development. I wish that Sashakt will inspire many women to step-up and lift the remotest regions of the country from darkness to light.”  – Padma

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